Recent Ward & Stake Changes

In the South Weber Stake, we’ve made some recent changes to a few wards and to the High Council. Thanks to those who were released for your faithful service. 2nd Ward Counselors – August 16th On August 16th we conducted a special meeting with the 2nd Ward to change two members of the bishopric. Here …

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Stake Newsletter – March 2020

A Message from the Stake President Dear stake members and neighbors, It has certainly been a memorable month of March – COVID-19, an earthquake and “social distancing” being the new normal. With all our church meetings canceled, you might think this would be a time to relax. For most of us, that hasn’t yet been …

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Commemorate the Restoration

Our prophet, President Russel M. Nelson, invited us recently to prepare ourselves to commemorate 200 years since Joseph Smith’s vision in the Sacred Grove. He encouraged each of us to design our own plan to learn and share the message of this singular event. In the South Weber Stake, what can we do to “immerse …

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Stake Conference – October 2019

Priesthood Leadership Meeting Saturday, October 26th at 7:00 pm (Stake Center) Brother Alan Gamble: Clerks help keep a record (D&C 21:1) and help to number and remember members (Moroni 6:4). Brother Zach Burton: Changes in the youth program will help our youth be spiritually powerful. Brother Joshua Haacke: Scouting, Personal Progress, and Duty to God …

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Special Stake Conference – August 2019

Our stake enjoyed a special stake conference on August 25th. Elder Randy D. Funk, of the Quorum of the Seventy, was our visiting authority. He shared counsel and experiences from the recent Area leadership meetings conducted by Elder Eyring and Elder Ballard of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve.