Monthlong Fast For Missionary Work

Dear Stake Members,

I love serving and worshipping with each of you here in South Weber. These are challenging times but how blessed we are to enjoy the peace and happiness found in the gospel and Church of Jesus Christ!

The objective of missionary work is to bring souls to Christ through His restored gospel. Will you please accept our invitation to participate in a stake wide one month fast from May 5th through June 2nd? We hope that each day of this month someone, many of us, throughout the stake, will be fasting.

Can we fast and pray together for these specific blessings?

  • For increased missionary excitement and activity here in the South Weber Stake.
  • For an increase in our own faith and courage to share the gospel – to love, share, and invite. For inspiration to know who we can invite to join us at church.
  • For those receiving the missionary lessons or learning about the gospel. That they will have the courage and determination to follow Jesus Christ and be baptized.
  • For those who are returning to church. That they will be able to join with us again to worship.
  • For our full-time missionaries, Elder Nelson and Elder Lorenc. That they will have many opportunities to teach the gospel to our friends and neighbors.

On fast Sunday May 5th and again on June 2nd, I invite each of you to include this missionary purpose in your regular fasting, prayers, and testimonies. In between those two Sundays, each ward will be assigned three specific days to fast (see attached). Bishops and ward councils, please consider how to best fulfill this opportunity in your own ward.

If you are not physically able to fast for 24 hours, fast for as long as you are able. If you are not able to physically fast at all, please still join the month long fast by offering prayers, often, for those to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ and for our missionaries.

I hope that each member of our stake will feel the spirit of this invitation and engage with us in this special month-long fast. I have experienced for myself the power of fasting with prayer. As we unify our faith and efforts for this righteous purpose, we will be blessed to see our brothers and sisters come to the waters of baptism and embrace the gospel.


President David Lowry
South Weber Utah Stake