Stake Activities & Sports

Church sports and activities provide opportunities for wholesome physical activity, fellowship, and sportsmanship. The emphasis in Church sports is on participation, sportsmanship, and skill development, not competition. All team members should have regular opportunities to play.

Please let us know if you have any ideas for new activities or suggestions to help us improve our stake sports program. Contact Paul Clark, Mike Poll, or Matt Wren for more information.

SW Stake Icebreaker: A Recreational Pickleball Event

DATE: Saturday, May 13th, 2023
TIME: 2:00, 4:30, 7:00 (Dependent on Session Chosen)
PLACE: Canyon Meadows Park
EQUIPMENT: Bring your paddle and pickleballs (optional)

Let’s say goodbye to snow and hello to an afternoon/evening of fun Pickleball at the new Pickleball complex at Canyon Meadows Park! Even if you’re not a participant, come meet new people, cheer on your neighbors, and see what this Pickleball movement is all about.

We are going to have three two-hour sessions, with each geared for targeted experience levels:

  • Session One: 2:00-4:00 pm – [Beginner to Novice] Reserved for both mixed doubles/couples and individuals who have not played or have played only sparingly and may need a little coaching to get underway. All play will be round-robin with those signing up as a mixed pair/couple remaining together throughout, while those signing up as an individual will change partners each game. Haven’t played or played much? Here’s your chance. Sign up and let’s change that!
  • Session Two: 4:30-6:30 pm – [Intermediate to Advanced] This session will consist of four courts of mixed doubles/couples who consider themselves mid-level teams at best. The other four courts will be reserved for open play doubles ready to take on all comers. This is a great opportunity for partners who prefer to remain together to play in a round-robin format with teams of a similar caliber.
  • Session Three: 7:00-9:00 pm – [Intermediate to Advanced] Reserved for those that have played a lot and who would be comfortable registering as an individual and playing in a series of round-robin games, rotating courts/partners with each game.

The Icebreaker is purely recreational and is open to all South Weber residents and immediate family. What a great opportunity to involve your spouse, a child, a neighbor, or to extend invitations via ministering channels. Come join us!

Those interested can secure their spot on the registration website:

Questions? Call or text Paul Clark

Stake Golf Activity – ‘Cumorah Cup’ 2023

The Cumorah Cup is a fun and light-hearted challenge between teams and wards, with the winning ward taking home bragging rights and the Cumorah Cup.

Date/time to be announced

Stake Bowling Activity – Pins ‘n Grins 2023

Come join us for a night of bowling and sociality. This event has become a fun tradition that draws a crowd. Make sure you are part of the fun.

Date/time to be announced

Other Upcoming Activities

  • TBD – Family hike
  • TBD – Golf Tournament
  • TBD – Couple dance instruction
  • TBD – Family-friendly Dodge Ball (youth and adults)
  • TBD – Flag Football
  • TBD – Co-ed Softball

General Rules & Sportsmanship

  • Ward sports directors are expected to help plan & promote stake sports events, provide officials, keep score, etc. (thanks for your help!)
  • Sportsmanship is key – no swearing, complaining, trash talk or aggressive play
  • All players must live in the ward boundary – reach out to neighbors
  • Players and coaches should arrive 15 minutes before scheduled game time
  • Youth teams must have an adult coach
  • Home team – white jersey, visiting team – dark jersey
  • Home team provides the prayer
  • Call your own fouls – be honest, have fun
  • Church buildings should be empty and locked before 10:00 pm

In case anyone has forgotten the rules of good sportsmanship…