Two Stakes in South Weber, Utah

On December 10, 2023, a special stake conference was held, presided over by Elder Christophe G. Giraud-Carrier, a General Authority Seventy, and accompanied by Elder Aaron T. Hall, an area seventy. During this meeting, the South Weber Utah Stake was divided to form the South Weber Utah Pioneer Stake.

The new South Weber Utah Pioneer Stake will include the 7th Ward and all wards west (see below). The new stake presidency is:

  • President – Jeff Niederhauser
  • 1st Counselor – Gabriel Chard
  • 2nd Counselor – Scott Cook


  • There will be no immediate changes to ward boundaries, meeting times, or locations.
  • Both stakes will share the stake center and other facilities for now.
  • Temple recommend interviews and other scheduling issues are to be determined.
South Weber Utah Pioneer StakeSouth Weber Utah Stake
Ward (location)
Pioneer Ward (SW Drive bldg)
1st Ward (SW Drive bldg)
7th Ward (Stake Center)
8th Ward (SW Drive bldg)
9th Ward (SW Drive bldg)
10th Ward (Cedar bldg)
Canyon Meadows Br (Petersen Farms)
Ward (location)
Cedar Bench Ward (Cedar bldg)
Cedar Bluff Ward (Cedar bldg)
Mountain View Ward (Stake Center)
2nd Ward (Cedar bldg)
3rd Ward (Stake Center)
4th Ward (Mt View bldg)
5th Ward (Mt View bldg)
6th Ward (Mt View bldg)