Ward Meeting Schedules

Sunday Meeting Schedule

  • First hour – Sacrament Meeting
  • Second hour meetings:
    • 1st and 3rd Sunday – Primary/Sunday School
    • 2nd and 4th Sunday – Primary/Priesthood/Relief Society/Youth
    • 5th Sunday – Bishop’s direction

2022 Meeting Times and Locations

Ward/UnitMeetinghouse (see below)Sunday Meeting StartOther Info
South Weber StakeStake CenterNA Stake Video Channel
1st WardSouth Weber Drive Building8:30 am Ward Website
2nd WardCedar Building10:00 am
3rd WardStake Center10:00 am Ward Website
4th WardMountain View Building10:00 am
5th WardMountain View Building8:30 am Ward Website
6th WardMountain View Building11:30 am
7th WardStake Center8:30 am
8th WardSouth Weber Drive Building11:30 am
9th WardSouth Weber Drive Building10:00 am
Cedar Bench WardCedar Building8:30 am
Cedar Bluff WardCedar Building11:30 am
Mountain View WardStake Center11:30 am Ward Website
Pioneer WardSouth Weber Drive Building1:00 pm Ward Website

Stake Meetinghouses

Stake Center

  • Location: 7989 South 2250 East, South Weber UT
  • Building Scheduler (bldg 1): Jana Curtis (MTV)
  • Wards:
    • 3rd Ward – Bishop Jeffery
    • 7th Ward – Bishop Hosking
    • Mountain View Ward – Bishop Whitaker*

South Weber Drive Building

  • Location: 1401 East South Weber Drive, South Weber, UT
  • Building Scheduler (bldg 2 & bldg 5 – pavilion): Scott and Debora Westbroek (SW8)
  • Wards:
    • 1st Ward – Bishop Dickson
    • 8th Ward – Bishop Jensen*
    • 9th Ward – Bishop Decker
    • Pioneer Ward – Bishop Coombs

Cedar Building

  • Location: 1814 East 7775 South, South Weber, UT
  • Building Scheduler (bldg 3): Brad Thornton (CBE)
  • Wards:
    • 2nd Ward – Bishop Buckway*
    • Cedar Bench Ward – Bishop Porter
    • Cedar Bluff Ward – Bishop Burwell

Mountain View Building

* Agent bishop & ward