Educational Resources

BYU Pathway

BYU-Pathway Worldwide is the Church’s program of online higher education for those who can’t attend a Church university on campus due to cost, time, and location.  The first year – called PathwayConnect – is a one-year program that helps people of all ages start or return to university studies. After completing the first year, students can earn a job-ready certificate, and then continue on to earn a bachelor’s degree – all at the same low tuition rate of $71 per credit hour. All certificates and degrees are offered through BYU-Pathway Worldwide and accredited through BYU-Idaho.

Signup is underway for next semester.

Contact Michael Evenhuis for more information.

Utah Education Initiative

The purpose of the Utah Education Initiative is to help more Saints in the Utah area improve their spiritual and temporal self-reliance. We want to help members enroll in institutions of higher learning, where they can receive degrees, certificates, and upskilling that will bless their lives.