Stake Float Wins Grand Marshall Award!

The Ogden Pioneer Days Parade is one of the biggest in the state. Our stake float entry captured the coveted Grand Marshall award!

The float was named “Utah, Built Upon Miracles” and depicted scenes from the miracle of the gulls. Early Utah pioneers planted crops soon after arriving in the Salt Lake valley. The next spring they planted a second crop, only to watch as swarms of crickets attacked. According to traditional accounts, legions of gulls appeared following the fervent prayers of pioneer farmers. The seagulls devoured huge quantities of crickets over a two-week period. The pioneers saw the gulls’ arrival as a miracle, ensuring the survival of some 4,000 pioneers who had traveled to Utah.

The float featured three giant seagulls, all hand-carved from blocks of Styrofoam, as well as crickets, corn stalks, beehives, fruits and vegies. The float was accompanied along the parade route by a real swarm of primary ‘crickets’ passing out candy to the crowd.

Thanks to all those talented and creative individuals who helped make it happen including Brad and Tammy McDougal, Russ and Alyssa Clark, Aaron and Jen Fritz, Cody and Cortney Brown, Jo Sjoblom, Keith Christensen, Kasey Roberts, and others. A big high five to everyone who helped!