Stake Conference – November 2018

“A Christ-Centered Vision and Plan”

Stake conference was held on November 10th and 11th, 2018. The theme was “implementing a Christ-Centered Vision and Plan.” President David Lowry presided at the conference. He emphasized the need understand God’s plan of happiness and the vision of a living prophet.  Our Area Vision is to “become, and help others to become, true followers of Jesus Christ and enjoy the blessings of the holy temple.” In our stake, we want to implement the prophet’s plan with exactness and enthusiasm.

President Lowry spoke about the importance of ministering and being strongly anchored in our faith. We need to focus on things that are really matter. “If we are not very careful,” he said, “the things that matter most can be at the mercy of the things that matter least.”

Adult Session

  • President Joel Workman: It is up to us to implement the Gospel and Area Plan in our homes
  • Sister Jodi Floyd: Minister in high and holy ways and don’t over complicate your service
  • Brother Laurence Smith: We need to learn the words of Christ so we can remember and share them
  • Sister Stephanie Cook: Home centered gospel learning and teaching will bring our families to Christ
  • President David Lowry: Ministering: know individuals personally, pray for them, love them, strengthen them, and be united

Priesthood Leadership Session

  • President Jeff Niederhauser: Helping our youth through scouting and transitioning to the new youth program
  • Brother Nate Reeve: Priesthood Leaders help youth develop a deep and lasting conversion
  • Brother Russ Tanner: The spirit dwells in sanctuaries of faith: our homes, meeting houses, and temples
  • Brother Aaron Holdaway: Changing our life to accomplish Gospel teaching in our homes
  • President David Lowry: Help others become followers of Jesus Christ through Ministering and Temple work.

General Session

  • President Jeff Niederhauser: Throughout life’s journey, remain firmly focused on your eternal destination
  • President Clark M. Mower, Layton Utah Mission: Reach out to those who are moving into our area
  • Sister Carol Hadley, Ogden Temple Assistant Matron: Temple worship is a privilege and will bless your life
  • President Scott Hadley, Ogden Temple Presidency: In the temple you commit to stay on the covenant path
  • Sister Alison Soderquist: Parents and children learning the Gospel together in the home
  • Sister Debbie Buckner: God knows us individually and prepares us for service in the kingdom
  • Patriarch Brent Buckner: The Lord knows us and loves us and our Patriarchal blessings are evidence of His love
  • President Joel Workman: Chose the right destination, follow the Prophet, and make adjustments along the way
  • President David Lowry: We need to be anchored securely, embrace all new revelation, and follow the home study curriculum