Stake Conference – October 2019

Priesthood Leadership Meeting

Saturday, October 26th at 7:00 pm (Stake Center)

  • Brother Alan Gamble: Clerks help keep a record (D&C 21:1) and help to number and remember members (Moroni 6:4).
  • Brother Zach Burton: Changes in the youth program will help our youth be spiritually powerful.
  • Brother Joshua Haacke: Scouting, Personal Progress, and Duty to God were programs. The new youth initiative is open-ended.
  • President Gus Hytonen: Changes in the church and the costs of not getting on board.
  • Brother James Woodruff: Seek revelation and your own personal witness.
  • President Joel Workman: Helping the Bishop by magnifying our callings and doing things without being asked.
  • President David Lowry: The why of Priesthood service inspires our souls. Bring forth good fruit through pruning.

Adult Meeting

Saturday, October 26th at 7:00 pm (Stake Center)

  • Sister Julie Palmer: Serving a mission as a couple is worth every effort, concern, and challenge.
  • Brother Blaine Palmer: Seniors have a responsibility to serve missions. We have covenanted to consecrate our time.
  • Brother Neil Miller: The power of priesthood blessings in the lives of our young single adults.
  • Bishop Brad McDougal: Come Follow Me study is a counter strategy for the evils in the world. It provides protection for our families.
  • Sister Kym Fowers: Modesty and wearing the temple garment is an outward expression of our inner commitment.
  • President Jeff Niederhauser: Great strength and peace come from serving in and attending the temple.
  • President David Lowry: We need to have Jesus Christ at our center. All changes in the church are interrelated.

General Session

Sunday, October 27th at 9:00 am (Ogden Tabernacle and Stake Center)

  • President Jeff Niederhauser: Be an example of the believers. Observe the Sabbath day, keep the Sabbath day holy.
  • Sister Jennifer Berrong: Trek allows us to do hard things and turn our hearts to our fathers.
  • Brother Brian Berrong: We learn from the examples of those who sacrificed. We honor them as we remember them.
  • Sister Ellie Fisher: The women in my life have been examples and helped me to have a desire to serve a mission.
  • Brother Alec Burnett: Social media distorts reality. We are not programmed for shallow communication.
  • President Joel Workman: Invite others in natural and normal ways. Provide Christlike service in our ministering.
  • Sister Kelli Cragun, Utah Layton Mission: Gathering Israel by inviting, serving, and feeling the miracle of the gospel.
  • President W. Hal Cragun, Utah Layton Mission: Utah provides 1/3 of all full-time missionaries. Prepare for and serve a mission.
  • President David Lowry: Study the Book of Mormon to be blessed and spared. The home is the center of gospel living.