Stake Conference – April 2019

“Become True Followers of Jesus Christ”

Stake conference was held on April 20th and 21st, 2018. President Steven K. Randall, an Area Seventy, presided at the conference.

Ward & Stake Leadership Session

  • Speaker: President Jeff Niederhauser – The Savior empowers us to overcome fear and doubt
  • Speaker: Brother Robert Drean – The Lord is hastening his work through church leaders
  • Speaker: Sister Heather Call (Utah Layton Mission) – Pray for missionary experiences, share in a natural and comfortable way
  • Speaker: President Robert M. Call (Utah Layton Mission) – Follow the path of discipleship, invite in a natural way, trust in miracles
  • Musical Number: Sara & Eliza Perry “I Feel My Savior’s Love / Beautiful Savior”
  • Speaker: Elder Steven K. Randall – Open our mouths, invite others to observe us in our “natural habitat”, seek to become more like Christ

Adult Session

  • Musical Number: Austin Packer “Oh My Father”
  • Speaker: President Joel Workman: Know the plan, return to the path, follow experienced guides
  • Speaker: Sister Crystal Marker – Experience increases confidence and reduces fear
  • Speaker: Sister Jalene Stanger – Sometimes we are broken, others can help heal us, we can all “strive” to do better
  • Speaker: Sister Heather Call (Utah Layton Mission) – We can save others who are drowning, the gospel and scriptures can heal
  • Speaker: President Robert M. Call (Utah Layton Mission) – The elect are being brought into the circles of the chosen
  • Speaker: Sister Kathy Randall – The Savior makes all good things possible, the family is the great laboratory, there are no perfect families
  • Speaker: Elder Steven K. Randall – The effect of a great Sunday meeting lasts until Tuesday – how can we change?, Jesus Christ in the garden, on the cross, from the tomb – all about ministering, what can we repent of?

General Session

  • Stake Business: President Jeff Niederhauser
  • Choir Number: “I Stand All Amazed”
  • Speaker: President David Lowry: Working on a dairy farm, “You can lead a cow to water…”, are there times we chose not to drink of the living water?, can we invite others to drink?
  • Speaker: Sister Anna Mudrow – Remember what’s most important in our lives – prayers, scriptures, temple, do something
  • Speaker: Brother Carson Smith – Can’t expect to be perfect, “I’m not completely prepared, but I chose to move forward anyway”
  • Speaker: Sister Vellinga (Ogden Temple) – Come to the temple – and bring your children
  • Speaker: President Vellinga (Ogden Temple) – The savior still teaches us in the temple, His words are an anchor to my soul
  • Speaker: Lynette Lowry: the savior can magnify each one of us
  • Speaker: Sister Kathy Randall – All can be achieved in less-than-ideal circumstances, no one is predestined to achieve less than all that Heavenly Father has
  • Speaker: Elder Steven K. Randall – The gospel restoration started when a young boy asked an important question, answers are more meaningful if we search them ourselves through study and personal revelation, the resurrection of Christ was the greatest thing to ever happen in this world
  • Closing Choir: “I Know That My Redeemer Lives”